The Wenatchee Valley Roundup came into being as the realization of a dream. Wenatchee AA members brought into being the fellowship, laughter, warmth, and understanding of the AA and Al-Anon way of life to North Central Washington.

The first Wenatchee Valley Roundup was held November 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2012. It’s theme, “Thoroughly Followed Our Path” remains the theme to this day. This first Roundup included speakers from Arizona, California, Washington and Texas. In continued tradition, each speaker related their personal experiences in recovery as guided by the 12 Steps of the AA Fellowship.

Today the Wenatchee Valley Roundup continues to enjoy active participation from both the AA and Al-Anon Fellowships. Roundup activities include guest speakers, AA 12 Steps speaker sessions, AA and Al-Anon meetings, an ice cream social, buffet lunch and dinner, raffles and a recovery countdown.

The Wenatchee Valley Roundup is a celebration of the AA and Al-Anon fellowships whose members work the 12 Steps of recovery. The Wenatchee Valley Roundup is self-supporting; it does not accept contributions from any group or outside entity. All Wenatchee Valley Roundup expenses are paid from collected registration fees and proceeds from the Roundup’s raffle.

"Thoroughly Followed Our Path"